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Hebrew Word Pictures
One of the best teaching tools!
HEBREW WORD PICTURES w/CD - Explore your roots with the exciting ancient resources of the pre Biblical and Biblical Hebrew. It will show you with pictures how the Hebrew alphabet reveals prophetic truths and illuminates the Word. Each page will show you how these ancient letters declare the Gospel. This is not an ordinary book that you read and then set aside - Hebrew Word Pictures is a guide for life that shows new things in your life as time goes by and you experience new events that you test with the Hebrew word pictures. You don't have to know Hebrew to use any of these books!

THE GOSPEL IN ANCIENT HEBREW - the Hebrew heart in the New Testament

How Jewish is the Gospel?

If the Cross was a fulfillment of the Law, then the Gospel should be found throughout the Old Testament and the Law. This book will show you the Good News clearly proclaimed in ancient Hebrew Word Pictures. This item includes a booklet and an audio CD.

Psalms Of The Heart
The Intimate Touch of Hebrew Psalms
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Now, you too can pray the psalms of King David, saying the very words he wrote, spoke and sang in Leshon Hakodesh (the Holy tongue) - Hebrew. While you listen to the words, whether to practice, meditate or to solemnly pray, you'll also hear the heavenly music of King David's harp. These melodies were played in Jerusalem on the original, very first reproduction in 2000 years of the biblical 22-string harp.
Every page IN THIS BOOK has transliterating (Hebrew words with English letters).

Hebrew Flash Cards
The Keys to the Bible
A new incredible study tool!
The Keys to the Bible - Explore its surface Research its depth
Bilingual Bible text in parallel columns - User specified menu language, English or Hebrew * List of all Biblical names with their translation * The 613 Commandments of the Torah * Bible Codes program included * Many more features...
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Reading the Bible in Hebrew
Reading Hebrew can be fun! This wonderful audio CD will lead you through the first 4 chapters of Genesis. In fact, it has 8 tracks which you can use for both reading practice and for listening or meditation. Each chapter is narrated twice; once in regular reading pace, and second time in a slow reading pace.

This CD includes 22 full chapters of favorite Psalms, beautifully narrated by Uri Harel, the founder and director of the Center for Biblical Hebrew. His superb narration and the crystal clear sound quality make theses 2 audio CD the best Biblical narration you've ever heard.

Secrets of the Hebrew Bible - revealing the Creation and the History of our world through the Hebrew Bible
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Ready for an amazing view?
A complete seminar with Uri Harel, Director of the Center for Biblical Hebrew. Amazing, informative, thought provoking teaching that takes you deep below the surface!
Hebrew World
10-year top seller!
Introducing Hebrew World 2007 - the best CD-ROM on the market. Utilizing advanced phonetic concepts, this interactive program is ideal for children, yet sophisticated enough for the US embassy staff in Tel Aviv. Hebrew World is entertaining, intriguing and enlightening. Loaded with beautiful graphics, sounds and music, it is the friendliest, most effective Hebrew CD-ROM ever produced. Guaranteed.

Living Israeli Hebrew
For the Beginner... The Very Beginner! A workbook, CD, and Flash Cards! An illustrated tutorial set including instruction book and a slowly speaking CD and flash cards for both the alphabet and the sound system. This tutorial prepares the beginner for both modern Israeli and Biblical practices. Excellent for self tutoring, home-schooling and small groups. This Hebrew language set assumes that you have zero! (0) knowledge of Hebrew and it guaranteed to teach you the basics of the Holy Tongue not in months, not even in weeks, but rather, within a few hours!

The Treasure of Hebrew Idioms
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Discover the richness of the ancient tongue, Hebrew, and see how it influenced English!
Enrich your language and understand the Hebraic mind-set that is the reason for the for richness you witness daily in Scriptures!

Music From God - Psalms 1
Audio CD - Only $16.95

The Jewish Roots of Jesus
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Can His Jewish life open new doors in your life?

Discover the intense Jewish religious setting in which Jesus grew up and began His Messianic mission. Gain new insights into the message Jesus proclaimed to His own people!
100 minute (video) DVD
Music From God - Psalms 2
Audio CD - Only $16.95

Songs of the Torah
The Best of Biblical Music! 10 songs, each is the winner of a year of Israel's Biblical Song Festival

Jewish Holidays / Israeli Spirit
Great instrumental CD - Over 50 famous songs on 14 TRACKS Jewish, Yiddish & Israeli beloved melodies.
Music From God - Isaiah
Audio CD - Only $16.95

First Steps In Hebrew Prayer
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The best Hebrew Prayer tutorial!
Traditional in Content - Modern in Appearance!

Practice prayers in the Holy Tongue. The text conforms to that of a traditional Siddur, but every page is titled and organized in such a way that you can find any prayer or blessing within seconds. There are 60 prayer tracks on the CD, recorded with the wonderful, rich voice of Rabbi Tzvi Cooperman. These tracks include narration and well known tunes of the various prayers. Learn Jewish prayer for beginners with the friendliest prayer tutorial. Hear every prayer and blessing on the enclosed CD. See text in English, Hebrew and transliteration...
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