Psalms of the Psalms of the Heart Heart - book and CD
 Psalms of the Heart Book
Psalms of the Heart CD
CD includes 99 tracks!
The first has the entire book narrated over the harp melodies (22 minutes). On the second track you hear only the harp (22 minutes). The rest correspond to each psalm featured in the book.
The Intimate Touch of Hebrew Psalms

 A book with a music CD
See the Hebrew Psalms
Hear the Hebrew Psalms with harp music

Now, you too can pray the psalms of King David, saying the very words he wrote, spoke and sang in Leshon Hakodesh (the Holy tongue) - Hebrew. While you listen to the words, whether to practice, meditate or to solemnly pray, you'll also hear the heavenly music of King David's harp. These melodies were played in Jerusalem on the original, very first reproduction in 2000 years of the biblical 22-string harp. Psalms of the Heart Music-CD also includes selected verses accompanied by famous Psalm melodies, as they were sung for many generations, and beautiful psalm songs performed in Israel in the last 40 years.

 Why listen to Psalms in Hebrew?

Prayer and Healing - How it may affect you

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