learn Hebrew
Bilingual Hebrew English Bible with complete concordance
and amazing Gematria tools

  • Complete Hebrew Concordance
  • Word identification by its root
  • Complete English Concordance
  • Menus in Hebrew and English
  • Bilingual Biblical Text
  • Go to book-chapter-verse-word
  • Find word or phrase
  • Gematria: 7 methods
  • User specified Gematria value
  • Gematria dictionary
  • Letter Substitution
  • Copy and paste to word processor
  • User specified font size
  • User Manual in CD
Important Features:
  • Allows searches in both languages
  • Search by book, chapter or verse
  • Seven methods of Gematria tools.
  • Complete Hebrew and English concordance
  • View English and Hebrew Bibles side-by-side When scrolling one text the other language scroll too.
  • Copy and paste to word processor, variable font size, and more.
The word "Bible" is pronounced "Tanach" in Hebrew and this word is an abbreviation for the three main parts of the Jewish Bible: 1. Torah (the five Books of Moses) 2. Neveeim (Prophets) 3. Ktuvim (Writings)

What is Gematria?
First, although Gematria uses numbers it should not be confused with Numerology. While Numerology could be very negative, Gematria is pure.
Gematria uses the numerical values of the Hebrew letters to derive insights into the sacred writings, to obtain interpretations of the text, and to illustrate secular matters. Did you know that, when the Bible states that Abram (Amraham) pursued the kidnappers of Lot with 318 men, it was only with Eliezer his servant? (The value of the letters of Eliezer in Hebrew add to 318!).
With this program you can translate the names of your friends and relatives into numerical values and this program will show you all the words in the Bible which have the same numerical values!
This program allows you to utilize 7 different Gematria methods, a Gematria concordance, Gematria calculator, letter substitution, verse retrieval according to key words, first letters, initials.
System requirements: Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP and higher.

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