The attributes found in the Jewish star are quite amazing. The Jewish Star (of David) is also referred to as a MAGEN DAVID (The shield of David). When you look at the these images below (right to left) you'll find the shape of each of the 22 Alphabet letters! The last two letters on the right box are final letter (final Mem followed by final Noon).
See below what else is hiding in the Hebrew Alphabet!

The Biblical Harp (Nevel)
The harp (also refereed to in the Bible as "Kinnor") that you see here is the first replica of the Biblical harp mentioned in Psalms. This harp was reconstructed in accordance with the Biblical description of the Temple's harp by Micha and Shoshana Harrari and is known in the world as the Harrari Harp.
This harp has received vast media attention when it was built some 20 years ago. Being the first true replica of the harp that was playing in the Holy Temple in Jerusalem attracted much attention to it. Hearing this very harp playing is an experience you marvel on. It is assumed to produce the exact sounds that our Levies and Kings heard when visiting the Temple.
Besides it perfect beauty and its great sound, it also has an attribute that is the so amazing that words can not describe. Perhaps letters can.
If you look closely you can count 22 strings on this harp! 22 strings does not conform to the western musical keys of Do, Re, Mi... etc. 22 is the number of the letters in the Hebrew alphabet! This leaves much room for imagination. Perhaps a different, unknown musical key was used in the Temple that was based on the Divine qualities of the Hebrew alphabet?
To hear this harp playing go to the sound samples of Psalms of the Heart.

Music hidden in the Bible
For the interesting research that discovered the hidden music visit: Music from God
No doubt there are more experiments needed to determine the scope and validity of this research. More interesting and unexplained findings are being discovered almost daily. One such phenomenon is what we found in the graphic representation of the soundtrack of Psalm 148. To our amazement a vivid imprint of a Star of David appeared in the visual graph of the sound of the word "Hallelujah." The Six-pointed star showed around the forth syllable, which sounds as "Yah," (God" in Hebrew). These findings confirm the notion that the Bible consists of many layers and has a vast amount of information encoded into the original Hebrew text in variety of forms.
(Article offered by Uri Harel.)
The Magen David in music
The amazing graphic on the left is a representation of the sound track of Psalm 148:

More and more findings indicate that there is music hidden in the Bible...
For years, Uri, an Israeli Hebrew teacher, was talking to everyone who's willing to listen about his idea of music in the Bible. Uri knew of an old Hebrew tradition about the creation of the world. According to the story, God used the Bible as a blueprint for his work of creating the universe. The 22 Hebrew letters in pre-determined combinations were used to accomplish this task. Those letters therefore represent the physical forces used in the creation process.
Read the whole article and hear sound samples at Music From God.

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