Introducing the Bible Color Illustrations with
paintings from Gustave Doré and Isaac Inbal!
Dore book of the Old Testment

Now featuring the Old Testament as you've never seen it before... Gustave Doré's classic etchings describe the Bible world that we know and love, and come alive with dramatic realism, possessing a theatrical quality.

Dorés ability to express the greatest moments in the lives of people and of nations has assured his rank amongst great artists, and this collection of his works is no exception. This book features over 100 plates which have been painted in full color by Isaac Inbal, and further accompanied by the English and Hebrew Biblical text corresponding to each etching. This means that you can view the beautiful art in the context of its Biblical origin!

You can order this item and the New Testament, each books for only $29.95

Old Testament, New Testament: Each only $24.95!

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Dore book of the New Testament

The New Testament is available too!
This 2-album set is the first edition of Dore's Bible Illustrations to be published in full, rich color. Each album has over 50 paintings, with the related Hebrew/English Biblical verses on the facing pages.

The Little Children

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The Israeli artist, Isaac Inbal, devoted 9 years of his life to
create this work. Loyal and faithful to Dore's originals,
Dore's exception art is presented so vividly in this set, that
it literally infuses new life into Dore's beautiful work. Each
painting promises to engulf you with feelings that no other
art can induce.

This is a limited release and we only have a small quantity available for purchase.
You can order these masterpieces now either together or individually:

Hard Cover albums in full, rich color - Limited Edition Printing

Special Offer - now available for only $24.95 for each albums. (reg. $39.95!)
Both albums are on a limited time special for only $39.95

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International Air shipping 1 album - $18.50, ($32.00 for 2 albums)

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