Award winner Music CD - Shabbat Songs
Item # BM5
16 songs + 20 page lyrics book included

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1. Peace Be Onto You - Shalom A-ley-chem
9. Songs are Pleasant for Me - An-eem Zmi-rot
2. Go Forth My Beloved -Le-cha Do-di
10. Behold How Good - He-ney Ma Tov
3. May the Temple be Built - She-yee-ba-ne Ha-mik-dash
11. And They Shall See Their Sons - Va-yiz-ku Lir-ot Ba-nim
 4. You are One - A-ta E-chad
12. Let There Be Peace - Sim Shalom
 5. They will Rejoice in Your Kingdom -Yis-me-choo Be-mal-choo-te-cha
13. HE Who Keeps Israel - He-ne Lo Ya-num
6. Shabbat Shalom Medley - Shabbat Shalom, Am Israel Chai (The People of Israel Live), He-ve-nu Shalom A-ley-chem (We Bring Peace to You), Sha-alu Shlom Yeru-sha-la-yeem (Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem).
14. How Beautiful - Ma Ya-fit
7. On the Sabbath Day - U-ve-yom Ha-sha-bat
15. Angels of Sabbath - Mal-a-che Shabbat
8. The Sabbath Queen - Shabbat Ha-mal-ka
16. A Sabbath Song - Shir Shabbat

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