A Special CD from the "Out of Zion" Series= The Promised Land

Item # MM4
Sung in Hebrew and English
16 Songs in both Hebrew and English
An album by the infinitely talented David and Lisa Loden:
Track Listing Track Listing
1. The Promised Land 7. Halleluyah
2. We are Glad (Hayinu Smechim) 8. David King of Israel Medley
3. Let us Rejoice (Hava Negila) 9. The Shofar (The Ram's Horn)
4. Rejoice, Righteous Ones (Ron'nu Tzadikim B'Ad*nai)

10. How Lovely on the Mountains! (Ma Navu al heHarim)

5. The Redeemed of the Lord Shall Return (Uf'duyei Ad*nai Yashuvun) 11. It Will Happen
6. Hora Medley 12. Hatikvah ("The Hope," Israel's National Anthem)

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