One of world's most important teachings
A complete inspirational English narration of Jonathan Settel


On either 20 Audio CDs, or 2 MP3 CD's

A new translation of the New Testament
that will transform your understanding of the Bible
Why is this New Testament different from all other New Testaments? Because the
Jewish New Testament expresses its original and essential Jewishness.
The New Testament is a Jewish book - written by Jews, mostly about Jews, and for Jews as well as Gentiles. Its central figure, the Messiah Yeshua (Jesus) was and is a Jew. Vicarious atonement, salvation, immersion (baptism), the new covenant and the very concept of a Messiah are all Jewish. In sum, the New Testament is built upon and completes the Hebrew Scriptures.
Freshly rendered from the Greek into enjoyable modern English by a Messianic Jew (a Jew who honors Yeshua as the Messiah of Israel), the Jewish New Testament challenges Jews to understand that Yeshua is a friend to every Jewish heart and the New Testament is a Jewish book filled with truths to be accepted and acted upon. At the same time, while reaffirming the equality of Gentiles and Jews in the Messianic Community, it challenges Christians to acknowledge the Jewishness of their faith and their oneness with the Jewish people.

This professional production was recorded in Jerusalem.
by David H. Stern
narrated on either 20 audio CDs, or 2 MP3 CDs, by Jonathan Settel
David H. Stem, Translator
David H. Stern was born in Los Angeles in 1935. He earned a Ph.D. in Economics at Princeton University and after coming to faith in Yeshua the Messiah, received a Master of Divinity degree front Fuller Theological Seminary and did graduate work at the University of Judaism. In 1979 he and his wife, Martha, made aliyah (immigrated to Israel). They live in Jerusalem and have two children.
Jonathan Settel, Narrator
Jonathan Settel was born in Berlin in 1947 and grew up on the East Coast of the United States. He uses his expressive voice to give you a sense of "being there." Having lived in Israel for many years, his pronunciation of the Hebrew terms found in this New Testament takes you back to Eretz Yisrael, the Land of Israel, in the first century.

Special Bonus CD: The Great Chapters of the New Testament narrated in Hebrew
By Rabbi Amnon Shor
Hear the breathtaking narration of this wonderful Jewish New Testament!
Click to hear samples:
1. Matthew 1 1-2
Jonathan Settel

2. Introduction to the Jewish New Testament
Dr. David Stern

3. Matthew 1 18-23
Jonathan Settel

4. Matthew 5 1-6 (part of the Sermon on the Mount)
Rabbi Amnon Shor (from the Great Chapters of the New Testament Narrated in Hebrew)

If you've ever wondered how it sounded then...
This CD includes 17 tracks
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