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You don't have to know Hebrew to use any of these products!
In addition to all the items included in Gospel Bundle 1, you'll also
receive 3 more useful products
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Secrets of the Hebrew Bible - revealing the Creation and the History of our world through the Hebrew Bible
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Ready for an amazing view?
A complete seminar with Uri Harel, Director of the Center for Biblical Hebrew. Amazing, informative, thought provoking teaching that takes you deep below the surface!

The Basics of Life and Hebrew DVD
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This amazing DVD is a must for anyone who loves the ancient Hebrew.
Cover the subjects: Hebrew Word Pictures; Honor; Men, Women and Fire
; Bible's 10 Realities; and The Gate to the Promised Land
90 minute (video) DVD

Living Israeli Hebrew
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For the Beginner... The Very Beginner!
A workbook, CD, and Flash Cards! An illustrated tutorial set including instruction book and a slowly speaking CD and flash cards for both the alphabet and the sound system. This tutorial prepares the beginner for both modern Israeli and Biblical practices. Excellent for self tutoring, home-schooling and small groups. This Hebrew language set assumes that you have zero! (0) knowledge of Hebrew and it guaranteed to teach you the basics of the Holy Tongue not in months, not even in weeks, but rather, within a few hours!
A Book + CD + Flash Cards

You'll also receive all the products below with this Gospel bundle 2
Hebraic and Jewish Roots Teachings for Christian Believers
Dr. Frank Seekins Publications
Hebrew Word Pictures
One of the best teaching tools!
HEBREW WORD PICTURES w/CD - Explore your roots with the exciting ancient resources of the pre Biblical and Biblical Hebrew. It will show you with pictures how the Hebrew alphabet reveals prophetic truths and illuminates the Word. Each page will show you how these ancient letters declare the Gospel. This is not an ordinary book that you read and then set aside - Hebrew Word Pictures is a guide for life that shows new things in your life as time goes by and you experience new events that you test with the Hebrew word pictures. You don't have to know Hebrew to use any of these books!
Book and CD

The Ancient Tav (Sign)
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Long before it was a Christian symbol, it was Jewish...
Small Booklet
THE GOSPEL IN ANCIENT HEBREW - the Hebrew heart in the New Testament

How Jewish is the Gospel?
If the Cross was a fulfillment of the Law, then the Gospel should be found throughout the Old Testament and the Law. This book will show you the Good News clearly proclaimed in ancient Hebrew Word Pictures.
Booklet and CD

The Ten Commandments
This book and tape illustrate the TEN COMMANDMENTS through the Hebrew Word Pictures. It will help you remember
the importance and the value of God's laws.
Booklet and CD

Men, Women and Fire
Learn how the ancient Hebrew can improve your family life.
Booklet and CD
Sharing the Word
Use it and share with others
"Sharing The Word" is a discipling tool designed to be shared with others. It includes core Biblical principles, illustrated with Hebrew Word Pictures. The author and the publisher grant you the permission to copy desired pages and pass them on to loved ones, friends, or to people who are in need of these special core Biblical teachings - available at
ONE GLANCE! - as it is in this book. Sharing the Word is life teachings that you use and share with others with the blessing of the author - at ONE GLANCE!
A Book and CD

A Mighty Warrior
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The Hebrew-Biblical View of a Woman.
Small Booklet
You don't have to know Hebrew to use any of these products!

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