A gorgeous solid gold replica you can use as a pendant and as a coin!
Bar Kokhba Revolt, large, solid gold coin known as a Sela, 134 -135 CE
Originally, a Roman coin, this Jewish coin was modified at the year 134. Over struck on a Vespasian tetradrachm
with ghostly portrait and eagle still visible as illustrated by the composite images. See below.
(undated, attributed to year 3) : facade of Temple in Jerusalem w/ Arc of the Covenant ;star
above R: "For the freedom of Jerusalem"
BAR KOKHBA WAR - Second Jewish Revolt Against Rome. See also King David's Treasures seals.

Jewish Revolt - Sela Face of coin - Jerusalem Holy Temple with the Holy Ark. Name in ancient Hebrew "Shim'on."
Same Size as a US quarter
Gold treasure
Jewish Revolt - Sela Back of coin - images of Etrog and Lulav (special citrus and palm branch used during Sukkot, the Feast of Tabernacle. Name in ancient Hebrew "For the freedom of Jerusalem."
King David's Treasures Seal
The Hebrew text says:
" For Maadana the King's daughter."
In ancient Hebrew "Lemaadana bat hamelech."
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